Business Loans for your IT Equipment

If there’s one thing that all businesses, digital or otherwise, will appreciate – it’s access to the latest computer systems and software.

Regardless of what you need PCs for, you’ll undoubtedly already understand just how expensive they can be to buy (especially newer models).

Even on their own, a good personal computer can cost well over $1,000 – so just imagine how much you’ll be expected to spend when buying for an office full of staff!

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    Published On Date 06/12/2021 by Dana Boyd

    Whether it’s a small loan that you’re after, or enough to cover the cost of an entire set of PCs – you won’t go wrong by opting for computer finance.

    How Can This Option Help?

    Imagine for a moment that you’re hoping to correspond with clients, manage your accounts, or even keep on top of the day to day functionality of your businesses operations. The chances are that you’ll need to rely on a digital resource to ensure that you can manage your daily activities – and that’s where computers come in.


    But as mentioned above, these devices aren’t cheap and not many businesses will be able to get by with a PC that offers minimal features and low quality functions.

    You could save up for months, or maybe even years – but you’ll still have to cover the costs once you are ready to make a purchase.

    Or alternatively, you could apply for financing from a lender (or have us take care of that for you), so that you can receive the amount of money that you need to buy the right variety of PCs for your requirements, without having to cater to the costs immediately.

    Instead of paying off what you owe in one lump sum, you’ll have the option to pay back within a timeframe that suits you – and best of all, you’ll be able to make full use of your new devices without having to wait until they’ve been paid for in full.

    If your company could do with a little financial support, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team right now and we’ll be sure to put you on the right track for loan that could make all of the difference to your business.


    Getting finance to purchase computer equipment means that you don’t need to pay for it upfront. You can receive the purchase price funds required from a lender and pay it back over a specified period while having use of the equipment for your business.


    It is a convenient way to finance computer equipment without having to make a large capital outlay that could impact your cash flow or balance sheet.

    The main benefit of financing the purchase of computer equipment is that you can invest in your business without tying up capital or impacting your cash flow. It means you can acquire the equipment without having to provide the funds yourself and then repay them over time. This helps to avoid the risks of having such a large capital expenditure on your balance sheet.


    Both large and small businesses use equipment financing as a way to make large capital expenditures while managing their cash flow and the company’s balance sheet. It allows you to acquire computer equipment for your business whilst also avoiding the uncertainties that are associated with large capital expenditures.

    There are four main types of loans available for computer equipment financing:


    • Finance Lease. In this type of financing the computer equipment is owned by you (the lessee) and is not on your balance sheet. Payments made in full for its financing are tax-deductible. At the end of the finance term, the computer equipment is returned to the finance provider (the lessor) or purchased by you for an agreed price.
    • Operating Lease. In this type of financing the computer equipment is owned by the lessor and is not on your balance sheet. Payments made in full for its financing are tax-deductible. At the end of the finance term, the computer equipment can be returned to the lessor or purchased by you for an agreed price.
    • Commercial Hire Purchase. In this type of financing the computer equipment is owned by you and is categorised as on your balance sheet. In this type of financing, only the interest portion of your payments is tax-deductible but you can claim depreciation costs for the computer equipment. At the end of the finance term you own the computer equipment (although in some cases a final, residual payment may be required).
    • Chattel Mortgage. This type of financing is like a traditional secured loan where the computer equipment acts as security for the loan. Like the previous financing method, the computer equipment is owned by you, the interest component is tax-deductible and you can claim for depreciation costs. At the end of the finance term, you own the computer equipment outright.


    The type of financing you choose for your computer equipment will depend on your specific business needs including the tax implications of payments and depreciation costs, whether you want it on your balance sheet and whether you want to have ownership of the computer equipment the end of the finance term (and whether you have to make an additional payment).

    Applying for a loan to finance the purchase of your computer equipment couldn’t be easier. Simply complete the form at and a broker will be in touch with you to discuss your computer equipment finance needs.

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