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Hospitality is one of the most competitive industries in the world and being within the business means that you have to be on top form. Whether you offer a catering service or own a restaurant or hotel, each and every one of your clients will be hoping to receive outstanding services, at the most affordable prices.

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    Published Date 06/12/2021 by Dana Boyd

    That’s why you need to have fully operational, state-of-the-art equipment at your disposal.

    Your hospitality business may be strictly food related or it may simply function to provide lodgings, but in either event there will be specific equipment that you will need to keep your customers safe, secure, comfortable, healthy and above all else; coming back.

    Commercial equipment finance can help you to ensure that you are able to provide nothing but the finest for your patrons, while using the equipment itself as security for the loan. This provides you with the added security of stable budgeting for your company’s finances.

    From functional electrical equipment to cater to your hotel room’s needs to the necessary appliances for your restaurant’s kitchen, financing may help you to provide everything your customers need – no matter how small or large.

    Leasing Hospitality Equipment May Help Ensure your Legal Compliance

    Laws and regulations within the hospitality industry are always changing to ensure that consumers are in receipt of the most reliable services available. Unfortunately for a hospitality business, this can sometimes mean that certain pieces of equipment may not be up to standard.

    For example, food safety laws are often changing to establish best practices within the kitchen, so factors such as having the latest cooling equipment could mean the difference between your establishment passing and failing sanitation inspections. The correct finance may help you to replace and update fixtures.

    For many business owners, having the ability to rely on business finance ensures that they can stay on the cutting edge of the industry, whilst remaining extremely competitive for those all-important customers.


    Getting finance to purchase hospitality equipment means that you don’t need to pay for it upfront. You can receive the purchase price funds required from a lender and pay it back over a specified period while having use of the equipment for your business.


    It is a convenient way to finance hospitality equipment without having to make a large capital outlay that could impact your cash flow or balance sheet.

    The main benefit of financing the purchase of hospitality equipment is that you can invest in your business without tying up capital or impacting your cash flow. It means you can acquire the equipment without having to provide the funds yourself and then repay them over time. This helps to avoid the risks of having such a large capital expenditure on your balance sheet.


    Both large and small businesses use equipment financing as a way to make large capital expenditures while managing their cash flow and the company’s balance sheet. It allows you to acquire hospitality equipment for your business whilst also avoiding the uncertainties that are associated with large capital expenditures.

    There are four main types of loans available for hospitality equipment financing:


    • Finance Lease. In this type of financing the hospitality equipment is owned by you (the lessee) and is not on your balance sheet. Payments made in full for its financing are tax-deductible. At the end of the finance term, the hospitality equipment is returned to the finance provider (the lessor) or purchased by you for an agreed price.
    • Operating Lease. In this type of financing the hospitality equipment is owned by the lessor and is not on your balance sheet. Payments made in full for its financing are tax-deductible. At the end of the finance term the hospitality equipment can be returned to the lessor or purchased by you for an agreed price.
    • Commercial Hire Purchase. In this type of financing the hospitality equipment is owned by you and is categorised as on your balance sheet. In this type of financing, only the interest portion of your payments is tax-deductible but you can claim depreciation costs for the hospitality equipment. At the end of the finance term you own the hospitality equipment (although in some cases a final, residual payment may be required).
    • Chattel Mortgage. This type of financing is like a traditional secured loan where the hospitality equipment acts as security for the loan. Like the previous financing method, the hospitality equipment is owned by you, the interest component is tax-deductible and you can claim for depreciation costs. At the end of the finance term, you own the hospitality equipment outright.


    The type of financing you choose for your hospitality equipment will depend on your specific business needs including the tax implications of payments and depreciation costs, whether you want it on your balance sheet and whether you want to have ownership of the hospitality equipment the end of the finance term (and whether you have to make an additional payment).

    Applying for a loan to finance the purchase of your hospitality equipment couldn’t be easier. Simply complete the form at and a broker will be in touch with you to discuss your hospitality equipment finance needs.

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